Kohlrabi Plant Care And Growing Guide

Space rows 1 foot apart and thin seedlings to 4 inches apart after true leaves develop. Because the part that is eaten forms above ground it is not prone to the root weevils that plague turnips.

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Mulch soil to preserve moisture and prevent weeds.

Kohlrabi plant care and growing guide. Press seeds into the soil. Growing kohlrabi plants in rich well drained soil high in organic matter and compost. Grow kohlrabi well worked well drained soil rich in organic matter.

It belongs to the same family as cabbage and cauliflower brassicaceae. Supplement sandy soils with organic matter to hold moisture. Kohlrabi prefers cool temperatures between 40 and 75.

Too much water is harmful. Plant development and care. The plant is easy to grow and very productive.

Kohlrabi prefers soil within the 5 5 to 6 8 range. Kohlrabi is another name for our not so popular knolkhol. Side dress kohlrabi with aged compost at midseason.

Its flavor is similar to that of the turnip but it is milder and sweeter when harvested before it becomes too old and tough. Kohlrabi is most often seeded directly into the garden but can be grown from transplants. Wait until 1 month before the last frost in spring or plant the seeds in late autumn if you live somewhere with warm winters.

It can be eaten raw as well as cooked. To grow kohlrabi plant kohlrabi seeds in a sunny outdoor spot that s near other roots like potatoes and beets. Plant kohlrabi seeds directly in the garden after the last hard freeze.

You must pay attention to temperatures. Net or fleece young plants to protect against birds and cabbage root fly. It is often accepted as a substitute for turnips.

Keep the soil constantly moist and weed free watering before the onset of drought. Though it prefers a cold weather it does moderately well for our bangalore weather. Growing kohlrabi brassica oleracea var.

Work 2 inches 5cm of aged compost into the soil before you begin planting. Keep soil evenly moist throughout the season to keep it from becoming woody. Most varieties take 45 60 days to reach maturity and they should reach maturity before the temperatures increase much higher than that.

How to grow kohlrabi. In the south plan for kohlrabi to be a winter harvest planting in the fall. Kohlrabi should be supplied with sufficient water without waterloging the soil.

The whole plant is edible however it is mostly used for its bulged swollen stem. Kohlrabi seeds can be started indoors or in a cold frame or plastic tunnel. Thin out seedlings when they are 2 5cm 1in tall or the first true leaves appear leaving a final spacing of 15cm 6in apart.

When it s time to plant your kohlrabi bury the seeds 1 2 inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows. Plant kohlrabi in full sun. Growing from seeds.

Stress from inadequate water will decrease quality. After four to six weeks plant the baby plants outdoors in well drained rich soil. Gongylodes isn t the hardest thing in the world as kohlrabi is actually somewhat easy to grow start your plants indoors about four to six weeks before you plan to put them outside.

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