How To Plant Boxwood Hedges

Boxwood hedges are beautiful in almost any type of garden but they can sometimes be a bit tricky to get started. It s best to only grow smaller sized boxwoods in containers.

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If the intention is to grow a small and formal hedge plant the boxwoods 6 to 8 inches apart.

How to plant boxwood hedges. Hedges grown with boxwoods give their best effect when they are dense and compact. If using the larger growing varieties that have taller mature heights space the plants 18 to 30 inches apart as recommended by the purdue cooperative extension. For a taller hedge perhaps three to four feet tall allow 18 inches between each plant.

You can add compost or other amendments as indicated by your soil test before planting if necessary. For a larger american boxwood hedge allow 3 4 feet between each plant. I ve always loved the look of boxwood hedges and i was so thrilled when we moved into our house and noticed that we had a big old boxwood hedge in the garden right in front of our house.

Before planting conduct a soil test to make sure your soil is mostly neutral with a ph between 6 5 and 7 5. Wintergreen and american boxwood grow wider so place them about 4 in 10 cm apart. Keep them watered regularly as container plantings do dry out faster than beds.

Water thoroughly and frequently if you receive less than one inch of rainfall per week. Successfully growing boxwood requires well drained soil and while the plants prefer soil to be organic the boxwood s soil needs are adaptable. If temperatures become extremely hot in summer boxwood plants will appreciate.

When choosing where to plant boxwoods make sure to plant them in the spot most appropriate for their needs. Extend a tape measure along the ground in the desired location for the boxwood hedge. Plant your boxwood in well draining soil.

Plan to space the plants around 1 to 2 feet apart measuring from center to center. Plant boxwoods in fall so the shrubs can produce new roots over the winter. When planting boxwood consider your year round climate.

Drive a stake to mark each end of the trench. Selecting a good location boxwoods thrive in soil that is neutral to slightly alkaline soil ph range of 7 0 7 6. For planting a small english boxwood hedge allow 12 inches between each plant.

It is a good idea to test your soil ph in any area that you wish to plant boxwood shrubs to ensure it is in ideal condition. Plan on keeping boxwood at least 7 in 18 cm from your home and other structures. Then tie a string from one stake to the other pulling it taut.

In general dwarf and english boxwoods should be 2 to 3 in 5 1 to 7 6 cm apart. A full or part sun location is needed for optimum growth of this specimen. Planting holes for boxwood hedges should be two to three feet apart and each hole should be as deep as and twice as wide.

Here s how to grow boxwoods. Mark the hedgerow line. Use plenty of well draining garden soil and some peat moss and manure just as you would for planting in beds.

Tips for planting boxwood. For hedges space the plants out consistently so they grow together.

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