How To Install A Pvc Saddle Tee

Step 2 brush pvc cement to the pvc pipe where the primer was applied as well as the inside of the saddle. Apply pvc glue to the saddle tee and the pipe where the tee will make contact with the pipe.

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While primer is still wet apply generous coat of medium bodied cement to the pipe first then to the saddle and then to the pipe again.

How to install a pvc saddle tee. Next apply cement on the two areas to be joined within 10 seconds of priming. You may even get some glue where the tee outlet is but that s okay as you will be drilling that part out. Hole in the pipe.

All that remains now is snapping the tee in place then drilling a hole all the way to the center of the pvc pipe. Refer to the installation section of the sensor instructions for guidance on sensor location. Installation guide for 2 tap t saddle part no.

Brush pvc primer around the pvc pipe in the areas where the saddle tee will be attached both pvc primer and pvc cement tins have a small brush attached to their inside lids. Cut a 2 1 2 in. Also brush primer to the inside of the saddle.

The surfaces to be joined should be clean and dry. 364 251 to assure a trouble free installation of the tap t saddles lasco fittings recommends that you follow these simple steps. This ensures that there is glue coverage everywhere around the tee.

Apply a coat of primer covering an area slightly larger than the saddle. Depending on the jobsite specifications these tap t saddles may be installed with the acme threaded outlet port in either the vertical or horizontal. To recap how to install pvc saddle tee you start be priming the two parts to be joined the saddle tee and the pipe itself.

As with most pvc it s a good idea to glue both sides the fitting and the pipe. Joining surfaces must be wiped clean.

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