How Do You Drain Water Off Lawns

There are two common ways to channel water away from a low spot or any area where water tends to collect. Slope the french drain to carry the water down to its destination.

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If the water level gets too high drain it out and pour it down the drain to prevent it from overflowing and soaking the grass.

How do you drain water off lawns. Used to drain water away from a wet soggy or waterlogged part of your garden to a soakaway or drain. 2 part video of a french drain installation on a home lawn. Collecting the rainwater in these key places will stop excess water from pouring onto the grass.

Dig a horizontal trench across the length of the slope heading in the direction of the soak away. This type of drain need only be about 6 wide and 12 deep. Water from water butts can then be used to water plants or even wash cars.

A french drain is a gravel filled trench that slopes down toward a suitable exit point. In order to grow better lawn grass above a french drain like this one it would be a. Dig it all up and start again.

Most french drains include a perforated plastic drain pipe called drain tile to move excess water quickly.

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