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It is excellent houseplant as well as an interior decorating container plant in offices. Fact sheets plant guides.

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The plant has heart shaped leaves and somewhat redder stems which makes it very attractive.

Homalomena plant profile. If you like showy blooms homalonema won t be for you. Introduced invasive and noxious plants. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles.

Homalomena rubescens roxb kunth. Homalomena is an ornamental perennial foliage shrub native to tropical asia. Homalomena is grown for its amazing foliage of deep green heart shaped leaves with shiny glossy texture and beautifully veined.

This is why they get their nicknames of the queen of hearts or the shield plant. An ornamental perennial foliage shrub native to tropical asia and america. Native introduced native and introduced.

Araceae or aroid or arum or philodendron plant type. 50 000 plant images. Plant profile culture and propagation.

Homalomena rubescens is distantly related to the alocasia and philodendron and can be seen well. In general homalomenas are slow growing and are difficult to find in stores. Homalomenas are very resistant and easy to maintain epiphytic plants from the island of borneo.

Homalomena rubescens roxb kunth. The slow growing sometimes aniseed fragranced leaves tend to be heart or arrowhead in shape. Their tiny green flowers don t develop petals and aren t ornamentally significant.

Wetland indicator status. It grows moderately between 0 6 1 3m high. A very tolerant aquarium plant that grows well with a wide range of water parameters it will hold up to virtually any type of condition.

Find a homalomena rubescens near you. The plants database includes the following 2 species of homalomena.

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Homalomena Rubescens

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