Growing Peacock Plants

The offshoots taken must have some roots intact. Also it is very important that the temperature is constant and without cold drafts or sudden temperature changes.

Many varieties of peacock houseplants offer a range of attractive foliage.

Growing peacock plants. Keep your plants in a spot where they are not exposed to drafts coming from leaky windows opening closing doors or register vents blowing heat in the winter and cool air in the summertime. Healthy thriving peacock plants with their clump forming habit can grow rapidly and this means they tend to need repotting every couple of years. For best growth keep your peacock plants in a room where temperatures are between 60 f 75ºf 16c 24ºc avoiding any sudden drops in temperature.

Otherwise you will need to opt for a larger container that also has decent drainage holes. How to grow a peacock plant. High humidity at a level of 60 percent or more is needed for best performance of the calathea peacock plant.

You should never keep your peacock plant in a room that has a lower temperature than 60 degrees f 15 degrees celsius. Peacock plants prefer temperatures between 60 degrees f and 75 degrees f 15 and 24 degrees celsius. No matter the cultivar of peacock houseplants you re growing providing humidity is the key to optimum performance.

The best method of starting this plant is via plant offshoots that can be derived from the division of dense clumps of leaves on any mature calathea peacock. Division can take place at the same time if you want to reuse the same pot.

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