Flowering Houseplants With Color

They are unusually treated as an annual bedding plant. To 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

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Its large deep green leaves add an instant tropical touch to any room and it s one of the easiest flowering houseplants you can grow.

Flowering houseplants with color. The peace lily is a great option for houseplants with white flowers and is commonly available. Technically a hippeastrum hybrida the amaryllis bears large deeply colored flowers on tall stalks. 6 flowering houseplants to bring color indoors 2 15 2020.

Children enjoy experiments with carnations that take food coloring up. They typically flower from late december until early summer depending on when the bulb is planted. But all types of begonias can be grown as house plants and tuberous begonias are the showiest with their double blooms that are so vibrant in color.

Low to bright light. Few people can resist rubbing the catkin like fuzzy red flowers. Well known for their air purifying abilities peace lilies are flowering houseplants with dark green leaves and white bracts that grow hooded over little flowers.

This plant is poisonous if eaten or chewed on. Place your peace lily plant in medium light if you want it to produce more flowers or in low light if you prefer more foliage. They prefer lower light than most flowering houseplants and have beautifully glossy leaves producing many white flowers or spathes when suitable.

Many of them also have showy leaves in the off flowering season too. These tropical flowers grow best in humid environments with warmer temperatures like indoors with the. Most of them are easy to grow and good for beginners.

Plants flowers that change colors. Houseplants with white flowers. Popular as a tropical flower for the home anthurium is available in hundreds of varieties that produce stately brightly colored blooms.

Wax begonia rieger begonia and angel wing begonia are among the best and most popular houseplants. The chenille plant is a fast grower and a long bloomer. Both chenille and red hot cattail are apt descriptions for this tropical plant.

Up to 20 inches tall. Known for their colorful foliage and long lasting flowers bromeliads can beautify your interior. They are sold as potted flowering plants or naked bulbs and they are available in red salmon pink orange and multicolored.

Chenille plant can be grown outdoors during the summer and brought indoors when the temperatures cool in fall. These plants adapt to the low light and erratic humidity of most homes and can bloom almost constantly. Why we love it.

Most gardeners are familiar with begonias. Keep soil evenly moist. The following houseplants that are white will make great additions to your home keep in mind that this is merely a list of popular types as there are numerous white flowering houseplants to choose from.

Color changes in plants and flowers create fascinating effects in the home and garden.

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