Five Common Poisonous Plants

Then there are some plants like poinsettia which have gotten reputations worse than they deserve. They harm the nervous system.

What Are Common Plants That Are Surprisingly Poisonous Poisonous Plants Plants Trees To Plant

If it gets onto your clothing or pet you can wind up with a rash long after you leave the woods.

Five common poisonous plants. Foxglove a perennial common in landscaping is particularly dangerous. Deadly nightshade atropa belladonna belongs to the same family of tomato and potato. The major poisonous substances present in the plant are atropine scopolamine and hyoscyamine.

Scientific name common name description picture allium spp. Many members of the genus allium contain thiosulphate which in high doses is toxic to dogs cats and some types of livestock cats are more sensitive. Ed reschke getty images poison ivy s rash inducing quality comes from an oil called urushiol while the leaves are the most toxic part of the plant contact with any part even when the plant is bare of foliage can cause an allergic reaction the oil is tenacious.

If ingested it causes severe nausea abdominal pain cramping diarrhea and possibly even fatal heart problems. Being one of the most poisonous plants all parts of the plant particularly root and fruits are toxic. Onion garlic leek and chive.

You may be surprised to find that poisonous plants could lurk in your own backyard. Several species including asparagus officinalis and asparagus densiflorus though asparagus plants cultivated for. There are many plants we ve all been warned to avoid like poison ivy castor bean and datura which can be unpleasant and even deadly when ingested.

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What Are Common Plants That Are Surprisingly Poisonous

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