Dangerous Houseplants For Pets

Heather kovacedited by nicole abrego plants add a certain element to the feel of our homes. However it is important to choose your greenery carefully especially if you have pets around.

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Having pets doesn t have to mean avoiding houseplants.

Dangerous houseplants for pets. Revered by interior decorators and houseplant enthusiasts alike the fiddle leaf fig is a medium to large sized houseplant with a thin trunk and large fiddle shaped leaves. We re sorry to break it to you but one of the internet s most infamous houseplants the fiddle leaf fig is toxic to dogs if ingested. The golden pothos commonly known as devil s ivy is another indoor plant that is dangerous to pets.

By gabrielle feldman checked by dr. This small succulent with its serrated leaves and distinctive smell makes a great ornamental houseplant as well. According to the aspca poison control there are literally thousands of plants that could harm your pet if they ingest it.

Vomiting depression diarrhea tremors change in urine color. On pets the effects are more serious with possible seizures swelling and pain. Some philodendron is vining plants so make sure that children and pets cannot reach the vines.

The pulp and leaves of the plant can be poisonous to your dogs but only when they ingest it. Usually dogs don t find it attractive but if your dog is the exception and has a tendency to bite or chew just anything then this plant can be dangerous. Pet owners have their choice of non toxic houseplants like button ferns blue echeveria and golden palms.

It is more toxic to cats. However those with pets need to be selective about the greenery they choose to have around. You can still have the plant in your house if you want but just make sure it s at a place where.

If you ingest it it will have mild side effects like swelling of the digestive tract and mouth and skin reaction. There s no doubt plants play a vital part in creating a cozy living space. While aloe vera is great for your skin it s not that great for your furry little friend.

Calling all pet parents while these houseplants can undoubtedly liven up your home they can also be quite dangerous for your furry friends. Extracts from aloe are typically used to fight irritation or heal injured tissue. This exquisite plant sago palm is one of the favorites of landscapers.

Aloe which has lots of positive medicinal uses can paradoxially be quite toxic if your pets eat it. Pet owners can keep their greenery and their pets by sticking to the many popular and pet friendly non toxic houseplants. The american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals aspca has listed this houseplant as toxic to both cats and dogs.

35 house plants that are dangerous for dogs 1. Poisonous houseplants for dogs. Toxic plantsclick here view by common nameclick here view by botanical scientific name.

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