Creeping Wire Vine Plant Profile

It should divide quite easily if it s root bound and you still want a small plant. It will grow in sandy soils as well as rocky or clay soils.

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Fall and winter colour is an attractive bronze green.

Creeping wire vine plant profile. The plant will grow in neutral alkaline or acidic soil. This species is useful as a vine for filling in annual combinations where not hardy. Plant guide ground ivy glechoma hederacea l.

Dry between watering to constantly moist soil. The tiny glossy dark green leaves are packed along wiry trailing stems that form a dense mat. Common name s maidenhair vine wireplant creeping wire vine and others.

Insignificant green flowers become black seeded white berries in late summer. It s called a wire vine or maidenhair vine. With tiny soft green leaves on creeping twining reddish brown stems this smallish plant can add a touch of freshness wherever it is placed.

It can be pruned as needed to keep it compact. It s also sometimes referred to as matted lignum. When grown as a perennial protection from midday sun and cold drying winds will ensure the most vigor.

It will grow in dry. Muehlenbeckia axillaris or creeping wire vine as it is more commonly known is a low growing and low maintenance deciduous shrub or ground cover in the buckwheat family. The pullman plant materials center pullman washington.

Creeping wire vine is a tough dense fast growing evergreen groundcover plant that i have growing in both landscape beds and containers. Creeping wire vine is not at all picky about soil. Gill over the ground.

Deciduous twining climber hardiness zones. Ben legler university of washington burke museum of natural history and culture. A low and broad mat forming shrub native to new zeeland and australia.

Shoots can reach up to 30 cm in length. No but not edible. Plant symbol glhe2.

It requires little maintenance and is fast spreading. It produces small yellow flowers in summer over with rounded leaves and wiry thin and brown vining stems. Hot overhead sun to dappled light soil moisture.

Ordinary soil enriched soil mildly acidic to mildly alkaline tolerances. The dark green foliage is evergreen in my zone zone 8. A low creeping evergreen groundcover this forms a spreading mat of wiry stems clothed in tiny rounded leaves with a glossy green finish.

Creeping wire vine muehlenbeckia axillaris is a sprawling prostrate subshrub with distinctive small round ornamental dark green leaves and wiry stems.

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