Creeping Phlox Plants

Lady bird johnson wildflower center native plant information network phst3 university of tennessee herbarium distribution phst3 wildlife. Cut through the center of the plant and through the roots with a sharp soil knife or even a spade.

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Creeping phlox is a sturdy low maintenance plant that camouflages an unsightly slope or other difficult areas in the landscape as it rambles between rocks or cascades over a wall.

Creeping phlox plants. Simply dig the plant up preserving the root ball. The plant can also be divided to provide more growing creeping phlox plants. Although it is perfectly at home on flat land to appreciate this plant in all its colorful glory it might be best to place it on a slope where the blooms can be properly seen and enjoyed.

This plant has no children legal status. Lots of organic matter in the soil is preferred so be sure you amend your soil with aged manure or compost. Phlox stolonifera sims creeping phlox subordinate taxa.

Source large mammals small. Rich soils are optimal for phlox plants. Stolonifera is a familiar spring blooming creeping plant that is frequently grown in rock gardens in crevices in stone walls or planted as a ground cover.

Creeping phlox loves full sun flowers profusely in the spring requires minimal care watering soil requirements although weeds can grow within the mat the creeping phlox forms it s a simple a matter of pulling out the few that i do get. Replant one half of the phlox in the original hole and plant the other anywhere you want more of the colorful ground cover. While other rock garden plants may be slow to take hold creeping phlox is a fast growing plant.

Pot up creeping phlox plants and grow them on until large enough to plant outdoors in borders and rockeries. Creeping phlox are ground hugging evergreen ground cover plants they are vigorous growers and ideal ground cover plants for difficult edges and rock gardens they are equally at home as a traditional flower border or planted along the edges of flagstone walkways. Plant creeping phlox in a rock garden to jump start the bed with 6 to 8 inch tall mats of color.

Growing only 3 8 inches tall 7 20 centimeters but spreading as wide as 9 inches up to 2 feet 22 60 centimeters creeping phlox is an ideal ground cover and companion plant. Interpreting wetland status. Creeping phlox for sale online greenwood nursery.

The soil for your creeping phlox should be on the alkaline side of neutral 6 5 7 0 so if your soil is acidic a bit of horticultural lime would be a good addition. Subulata which is native to the appalachian region. Transplant phlox subulata into fertile well drained soil in full sun or semi shade.

A closely related plant that sometimes goes by the same common name is p.

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