How To Prioritize Your Tasks

Still knowing how to prioritize your tasks can restore order to the most hectic of days and keep your project on schedule. The best way to make sure that you get time to work on these things is to prioritize them by setting aside time in your schedule.

How To Prioritize Your To Do List Free Printable Worksheet The Planted Poppy Free Printable Worksheets To Do List Printable Worksheets

You can decide that you ll dedicate 10 of your time or some other amount to working on projects like this and set aside time each week to do something for your own improvement.

How to prioritize your tasks. The most common way to prioritize and the best place to start is bottom up that means looking at your tasks or to do list and figuring out how to prioritize what is already there. Rank your daily tasks by their true priority with the ivy lee method. Repeat until all tasks have letters and numbers.

Here s the steps to take to prioritize your tasks with this method. Batching refers to working on the same type of task continuously such as paying all of your bills at one time or opening all of your mail once a week before switching to another task. How to prioritize your tasks and your time capture everything on a master list and then break it down by monthly weekly and daily goals.

Going through your list give every task a letter from a to e a being the highest priority. For every task that has an a give it a number which dictates the order you ll do it in. When you find one that works for you it will have a positive effect on team engagement project success and your role as a manager.

Separate the urgent from the important tasks with the eisenhower matrix. Batching tasks is one of the most efficient ways to get those nagging repetitive tasks done. When it comes to creating task priorities there are different approaches you can take.

Get all your tasks and commitments in one place it s impossible to start prioritizing if you don t really know all the things you need to get done. Separate tasks with similar priorities using the abcde method.

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Grey Color Guide What Is Grey How Its Used In Design

Whether cool warm light or bold grays of all tones and intensities provide a fresh backdrop for decor and coordinate beautifully with tile countertops furnishings and art. Instead you can create a monochromatic color palette by choosing one base color traditionally one of the 12 on the color wheel plus any number of variations of that base.

Grey Shadow Graphite Iron Pewter Cloud Silver Smoke Slate Anchor Ash Porpoise Dove Fog Flint Charcoal Pebble Lea Writing Color Names Thesaurus

Prefix 0 in each digit of first half and 1 in each digit of second half.

Grey color guide what is grey how its used in design. Pure grays are shades of black though other grays may have blue or brown hues mixed in. It s safe and quite subdued serious and reserved. Tones are achieved by adding gray to a hue dulling the overall chroma.

This post is part of the color meaning blog series detailing the meanings associated with colors such as red orange yellow green blue purple grey black white brown pink turquoise gold silver and beige. This color combination is adventurous yet mellow and slightly reserved. Hue refers to the pure saturated colors seen on the color wheel above.

Alternative colors are best for. Its positive connotations include formality and dependability while the negative side can mean being overly conservative conventional and lacking in emotion. Gray and green on their own would have a completely different feel.

Gray delta optimist in this article we re going to look at a variety of grays used in a variety of ways in interiors and discuss what makes it such a desirable and successful neutral. Gray is a cool neutral and balanced color. The nth gray code is obtained by computing n floor n 2.

Living coral as it typically does enlivens the color combination a great deal. It would be a fantastic color scheme for a website to use as it looks modern and is easy to engage with. G n is unique numbers for the permutation from 0 to 2 n 1.

Gray continues to top the list of popular paint colors for homeowners and for a good reason. Gray is a more mature responsible color associated with the gray hair of old age. In design gray backgrounds are very common as is gray typography.

Examples the round website is very modern with various shades of gray used to delineate different sections of the site. The color gray is an emotionless moody color that is typically associated with meanings of dull dirty and dingy as well as formal. Gray is rarely the star of the show.

Although this crisp neutral is highly versatile gray is one of the most challenging colors to select due to its shifting. The material design color system supports alternative colors which are colors used as alternatives to your brand s primary and secondary colors they constitute additional colors to your theme alternative colors can be used to distinguish different sections of a ui. Shades are achieved by adding portions of black to a single hue creating a darker.

It can be a very sophisticated color. And one of the easiest palettes to use and hardest to mess up is a monochromatic one. Tints are achieved by incorporating elements of white to brighten and desaturate a single hue tints of a color are often much calmer than their saturated counterparts.

G n is embedded as the first half of g n 1 and second half as the reverse order of g n 1. Although color trends in interior design are frequently fickle for once forecasters say that single hue has entrenched itself as the current and future favorite. Although mono does mean one this approach to color isn t just using the same single shade in multiple places in your design.

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How To Finish Off Campus Apartment

Living off campus can make you feel removed from the college experience. Take a look at tips for picking furniture for a college apartment.

Top 10 Bedroom Design Ideas For Students Top 10 Bedroom Design Ideas For Studen Student Bedroom Small Bedroom Decor Student Home

Landlords will provide information to your school because they know students are interested in learning about off campus rentals.

How to finish off campus apartment. An off campus apartment is an opportunity to move away from dorm room decor. Ask your friends if they know of anyone who will be leaving their apartments and where the good places are to live. Take a short survey about your college apartment experience and be entered for a chance to win 1 000.

Your review will help others find an off campus apartment that s right for them. Look for a place close to your college to make it easier to attend extra curricular activities. Choose a place near the campus.

Apartments and single family homes are much more spacious and can be personalized with furniture rugs accessories and artwork to make them feel far cozier and inviting than a standard dorm room. Here s our guide to creating a healthy budget for your first apartment which ll help you offset cost of living off campus effortlessly. If you have your own room which is one of the main reasons many choose to move off campus then you will have your own personal space as well which for some people is a huge plus.

Rethink your meal plan. Often times your on campus housing office has information about off campus apartments. But eating a few meals on campus might save you some spare cash and time.

Take a look at tips for picking furniture for a college apartment. Outfit your apartment with the above items so you re prepared for every possible situation. A student guide to finding leasing off campus housing fastweb has you covered with this all inclusive college housing and apartment guide to help you through the process from start to finish.

An off campus apartment is an opportunity to move away from dorm room decor. Decor pictures posters decorative pillows anything else that makes your place your own off campus living certainly has its rewards but it comes with an extended shopping list compared to dorm room living. Take a short survey about your college apartment experience and be entered for a chance to win 1 000.

You may find a lot of other students from your college in the same area if it is in close proximity to the school. Now that you re living off campus you probably aren t enrolled in your full meal plan.

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Convert Tub To Shower

We can also convert your shower back to a bathtub using the same process to install a standard size tub a deep soak tub or a jetted tub. Plan the shower footprint.

Convert Tub To Shower Convert Tub To Shower Bathroom Remodel Shower Tub To Shower Conversion

Replace your old bathtub with a high gloss acrylic shower guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Convert tub to shower. If your old tub is in an alcove you can remove it and be left with a space that s about 30 to 34 inches deep and 5 feet wide which is a good space for a shower. With minor modifications your water supply and drain lines will already be in place saving you money on plumbing costs. Book a free consultation.

We usually do a mosaic tile floor in the shower. Transform your existing bath into a shower. 10mm frameless glass enclosure and hanging vanity cabinet creates a feeling of more space while maintaining ample space for essentials.

We will then install our beautiful solid surface walls panels that are easy to clean. Whether you are looking for a safer alternative to climbing over tall bathtub walls or simply want to create a more sophisticated style in your bathroom our professionals can offer you the remodel you desire. Convert tub to shower mosaic floors for converting bath to shower.

An in wall niche helps keep soaps and shampoos off the shower floor and keeps things within easy reach. After converting a tub to a shower you ll need an enclosure too. We re doing a tub to shower remodel and sharing tips helpful links bathroom course.

Usually this is 60 inches long but the width can vary from 30 inches to 36 inches. For shower curtain hardware you can buy a tension mount rod or a wall mount rod which could be straight or curved. The mosaic floor provides traction so that you do not slip in the shower.

This tub to shower conversion features natural stone floor that flows through to a matching shower base. For just a fraction of the price our showers can be installed in a variety. Step in and out of your new shower with ease and confidence.

If you are removing a 60 inch by 30 inch bathtub you may choose a shower stall that is the same size. Tub to shower conversion bathroom projects are easier with the right plan. You can add sliding doors that mount to the top of the tub but a less expensive and more decorative solution is to hang a shower curtain with a plastic liner.

Finally did a shower upgrade. Come learn step by step how to diy jennew uploads every week instagram. Contact us today for more information.

Tub to shower conversion. A mosaic floor can be a nice modern look with an actual advantage. Mosaics are small tiles that come on sheets.

Bathtub to shower conversion is popular for many households.

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How To Care For Hats Sweatbands

Spot clean the salt stains and then allow to dry completely. Use the brush to scrub the band and then blot with a clean white cloth dipped in water.

Sugarcane 100 Linen Fedora Hat Lightweight Summer Breathable Handmade Corleone Godfather Sicily Fedora Hats Elegant Hats

Makes it a more comfortable fit.

How to care for hats sweatbands. 25 cms long 2 5 cms high 1 2 cm thick black or white in colour makes hats smaller up to 2 sizes. Turn the hatband out and allow the hat to dry completely between wearings. If the care label is missing or unreadable contact the manufacturer if possible.

Change them every 6 months to keep your hat clean fresh and odorless or use them to get a comfortable fit. Lay it in the hat before making the final cut for extra precision. Expect different hats to be made of different materials some of which are more easily damaged by water and or scrubbing.

Begin sewing your new sweatband. Cut your leather a bit longer at first. To avoid sweat stains from appearing on your hat when the liner becomes soaked remove it and hand wash it with a mild detergent then leave it out to air dry.

If salt stains form on the felt dip a white cloth into an equal mix of distilled white vinegar and water. For fabric sweatbands fold them down and clean with a mild detergent water mixture and a soft brush. Reeds of natural bamboo or rattan at first synthetic later on were inserted where the sweatband was joined to the hat to seal the stitches there and prevent perspiration from seeping through them and staining the felt or straw exterior.

It is pretty easy to take care of hard hat sweatbands. How to care for and clean the hard hat sweatband. Always start by checking the manufacturer s instructions regarding cleaning for your particular hat.

Cleaning them does not even have any special care instructions. How to clean maintain sweat bands. Use a small needle and a fine silk thread to avoid making large holes in the hat.

The length of the sweatband must match the hat measurement exactly or the hat will be uncomfortable and not fit properly. Many of our hats feature a removable sweat liner that uses velcro to adhere to the hat. You can just throw them in with your regular laundry if you want and then let them air dry outside.

Use them as disposable sweat bands to keep your hat in great shape. Leave the band folded down until it air dries. A sweatband may be reeded or unreeded.

If you perspire heavily while wearing the hat carefully wipe down the inside and outside of the hat with a damp cloth to remove excess body salts. For leather sweatbands fold it down and use a commercial leather cleaner to remove stains and odor.

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How To Organize A Shopping List

Once you have a list with all the items you need take a few minutes to organize it before you go it will save you time in the store. In virginia most of your major chains have them now.

Organized Grocery List 3 Free Printable Templates Ask Anna Grocery List Printable Free Grocery List Printable Grocery List Template

Have a running list.

How to organize a shopping list. One of the most general ways to organize your list is by food group. Now that your list is organized you need to keep it handy along with any coupons while you re in the store. Organize your list by aisle type.

Use this running list to keep tabs on items that you have run out of or are close to needing to be replenished. Once you ve gotten everything you plan to buy written down you ll probably want to rewrite your list so it is more readable and better organized. Be sure to check for coupons for these items too.

Master grocery list master grocery list is an organized and detailed grocery shopping list that provides a chance to organize items. Type or rewrite your list. While you re writing down your shopping list you should make an effort to join different things into similar group.

Add these sale items to the bottom of the list. Separating your grocery shopping list by category is an excellent way to save time and keep your shopping trips stress free. It is most useful in creating an all encompassing shopping list.

You can arrange all the items in a single worksheet. Have a to buy list somewhere in your home. At most stores fresh produce will be in the same area dairy products in another and so on.

Follow these steps to make an organized grocery list step 1. While you re checking see if there are any deals that you can t pass up. The total of items listed can easily be determined for every category.

Put all vegetables in a vegetables section. Take a look at your calendar. You can select an array of items that you wish to purchase.

This is a great idea and 10 years ago i did type up a master list but before you do that check with the grocery store to see if they don t already have them printed up. Pull up your calendar for the following week and figure out how many meals and lunches you re going to need. An excel file enables you to become an incredibly meticulous grocery list maker.

Additionally this spreadsheet will help you to organize your selection in a printable format. I recommend making your plan or list on friday and shopping on saturday or sunday. Keep it all together.

Take your list the circular and only the coupons you need to the store. Organize your shopping list by aisle. You can organize your list by food category or how your favorite.

Clip them all to a miniature clipboard to keep papers together and easily accessible. How to plan and organize a healthy shopping list. Most supermarkets organize their wares according to type.

Printable grocery shopping list template.

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How To Ask A Friend To Be A Bridesmaid

Here s a semi diy bridesmaid proposal gift your girls will appreciate. We love cute homemade will you be my bridesmaid cards.

38 Cute And Creative Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Bridesmaids Best Bridesmaid Gifts Bridesmaid Gift Boxes Bridesmaid Gifts Unique

If your friend does not live in the same city you can at least break the news to her over a telephone call.

How to ask a friend to be a bridesmaid. When your friend asks you to be her bridesmaid in her sandalsresorts sandalsweddings. Picking your bridesmaids is no easy task and once you ve narrowed down the list there s the issue of how to pop that important question. Brides are upping their game when it comes to creative ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid.

Here are the cutest ways to ask the lovely ladies in your life to be your bridesmaids. Now it s your turn to pop the question that is to your bridesmaids. If you re more comfortable writing letters though then go right ahead.

They ll undoubtedly be thrilled to hear from you. It s time to pop the question and ask your besties will you be my bridesmaid in the most fun creative and meaningful way possible. Make sure that you let your friend know face to face that she is not a bridesmaid so that you can soften the news and do damage control immediately.

This bridesmaid proposal card from sweet pea sunday is so elegant we love how the individual name is the main focus of the design. Surprise your girlfriends by leaving a message inside like you will be standing next to me at the altar or i see a bridesmaid s dress in your future host a wine night opt for this method if your girls are fine like wine. You ve said yes and you re headed down the aisle.

Don t fall for the but you were in my wedding card. Time for you to pop the question and to call in the female or male ala made of honor movie forces by proposing will you be my bridesmaid or maid of honor to your closest friends and loved ones. And if you re worried that one or more of them may have to decline your invitation this could be the way to go.

Give your cards the personal touch and choose designs that can include the names of your bridesmaids they will really appreciate the gesture. Never fear we have a few solutions. While you re prepping for the most important day of your life you re going to want the important people in your life by your side.

Asking your friends to be bridesmaids or. You re also free to write your own note for a super special touch. Your best friends have been there through thick and thin so it s only natural you d want them standing by you on your big day.

Each box contains confetti a balloon a ribbon a pop me gift tag and a sweet message asking her to be your bridesmaid.

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How To Wash Synthetic Fabric Clothes

For the best results brush it onto both sides. You can make your synthetic clothes smell good again by just following a few simple steps.

How To Get Body Odor Out Of Synthetic Fabric In 2020 Body Odor How To Get Armpits Smell

Simply soak the offending item in a salted few tablespoons bath of water before throwing in the regular wash.

How to wash synthetic fabric clothes. Then gently rub the fabric together or use a soft bristled toothbrush to help work the detergent into the fibers then leave it on for a few minutes. Choosing the right wash cycle is important when it comes to caring for your clothes. Once the jacket is in the washing machine add a detergent made for synthetic or sporting fabrics to ensure that your jacket isn t damaged.

This article will help in these situations with tips and guidelines for cleaning all kinds of synthetic fabrics from acrylic to polyester. Add a detergent for synthetic fabrics and run the gentle wash cycle. Step 1 put 1 gallon of water in sink or bucket.

If wash day is several days away place the clothes in the vinegar water solution for a 30 minute soak. If the detergent bottle doesn t specify how much you need to use for a single item add about 3 ounces 85 g. Washing on the cotton setting can fade the colour and bring out the whiteness of the fabric that s underneath the colour.

Wash your synthetic colourful t shirt on a cotton setting and you might find it has faded after about 10 washes. Getting a stain on your nice synthetic clothes can be devastating ruining what might be a very expensive shirt. Nature s miracle is by far and away the home remedy winner for me.

Once the time is up you can wash them as normal with active detergent either hand and machine wash are fine. Rinse with plain water and allow to drip dry before tossing the clothes in the hamper. Mix one part white distilled vinegar to four parts cold water.

Check out the following tips to learn how to care for acetate acrylic nylon olefin polyester rayon vinyl and rubber fabric. Certain information is not included on care labels though. Let the fabric sit for at least one hour this will give the baking soda ample time to set into the fibers.

Let these garments soak for about 30 minutes before washing. Depending on how badly the body odor has permeated the clothing it may take several treatments. Salt is a natural anti bacterial so will kill those critters lurking in your synthetic apparel.

For blood dirt or motor oil stains. Apply some of the paste onto the stained fabric using a soft bristled brush. When it comes to synthetic fabrics these labels can be of enormous help in determining exactly how you should remove stains and clean an item.

Prepare a soaking solution with tide detergent. Submerge your workout clothes and let them soak for 15 to 30 minutes before washing.

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How To Clean Waffle Iron

Clean your waffle iron tips. Then grab a little non abrasive dish soap and warm water and scrub the plates and in between them with a toothbrush.

How To Clean An Impossibly Gross Waffle Maker Waffles Maker Waffles Cleaning

What about a waffle iron with removable plates.

How to clean waffle iron. Use a warm damp sponge to soak the grease and particles. Then wipe the inside out with a dry paper towel. As it is a great easy to clean waffle iron maker product it makes the process simple.

To clean a waffle iron you need to unplug it and let it cool down some. Gently brush away stubborn baked on crumbs. To clean a waffle iron start by wiping down the inside of it with a dry paper towel to remove any leftover grease or oil.

Afterward rub the gunk away using a paper towel. Place them in the heated waffle iron and close. Remove excess cooking oil from the waffle iron.

Now use a soft scrubbing pad or brush to brush away large particles from the grid. Take several paper towels soak them in water and wring out until just damp. Then use a soft bristled brush or an old toothbrush to clear off any crumbs.

Even if you have cleaned the waffle iron after every use surfaces can still become sticky and need a deeper cleaning. You might need to replace your waffle maker. If the plates are not removeable never fear you can still get your waffle iron sparkling clean.

Mix a paste of baking soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide it may bubble slightly. If there s dried batter crusted on the waffle iron hold a damp cloth over it to soften it so it s easier to wipe away. Wipe clean with a damp sponge or a clean damp paper towel.

Shake out any loose crumbs. Deep clean the waffle maker. 4 how to clean a waffle iron using detergents or soapy water.

Allow it to cool down. Soak a napkin or paper towel in the solution water and sudsy ammonia place it between waffle iron grids. Watch carefully for several minutes as the steam loosens the gunk.

Wipe the exterior of the waffle iron. Lastly using a damp cloth wipe the outside of the waffle iron. After the waffle iron cools wipe the plates dry with a paper towel to remove anything that can be wiped away without much effort.

If you ve ever used aerosol cooking spray to clean a waffle iron like you would grease a pan for baking you may have noted a brown sticky residue. The residue bakes on and in time becomes a problem to remove. Tips for a clean waffle iron.

Soak the plates in water. Sudsy ammonia is a cleaning substance readily available in the us market. Use a nylon scrubbing pad to remove stubborn dried on batter bits since it won t scratch the waffle iron with more cleaning ability to scrub more effectively than with a cloth.

Preheat your waffle iron.

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How To Grow Organic Jicama

Jicama needs lots of sun because it s a tropical plant. Bottom heat will be required as jicama needs a warm soil to germinate.

How To Grow Jicama Jicama Organic Vegetables Growing Vegetables

Place wooden tomato stakes about 4 inches 10 2 cm deep into the soil next to the jicama vine.

How to grow organic jicama. Stake the vines when they are about 24 inches 61 cm in length. If the soil is rich with organic matter and is light and friable you may only need up to 4 months for smaller roots to mature which are equally as tasty as the larger ones. Quick guide to growing jicama.

Jicama grows quickly so keep soil moist and feed regularly with a continuous release plant food. Jicama prefers a well draining soil that is full of nutrients and rich in organic matter. Having a long growing season of at least four months fertile organic rich soil that is moist and warm and sunlight are the basic requirements for growing jicama in your home garden.

Monitor the area for several days watering only when the soil becomes slightly dry to the touch. Keep soil moist at all times throughout the growing season. It is advised that you just place one seedling per 12 by 12 inch pot or container.

For areas that have at least 5 months frost free start seed 8 to 10 weeks before the last spring frost. How to grow jicama in containers. It can be planted out once hardened off and the threat of frost has long passed.

The pots will need to be kept in a warm place. Improve native soil by mixing in several inches of aged compost or other rich organic matter. This way the 3 5 root vegetables will have room to grow.

Jicama grows best in sandy loam soil with good drainage. Space jicama plants 12 inches apart in warm soil that is well drained and full of nutrients. It has a loooooong growing season 150 days so choose a spot where the plants can grow undisturbed for the whole summer.

Jicama vines grow quite tall so they will need support as they grow. Plant jicama in an area with full sun and a sturdy trellis to climb. While not common you can plant jicama from either seeds or seedlings in a container.

Stake the vines of the jicama plant. Mix in several inches of well rotted compost prior to planting to improve native soil. Gently sprinkle water over the planted seeds so the soil is moist.

Use either the top of a hot water system or a bottom heat propagator. Jicama prefers full sun and a fair amount of space. Loosely tie each plant with twine.

Because my soil has lots of clay i grow jicama in raised beds.

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