Best Cactus Houseplants

The plant is patterned with glochids or brown prickles and can grow up to 2 3 feet tall. The fishbone cactus blue star fern and bunny ear cactus are among some of the most popular indoor plants we ll see everywhere in 2021.

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If you ve got a south facing window it s this guy s place.

Best cactus houseplants. Learn about peace lily care including propagation watering repotting fertilizer pruning light and toxicity. Best indoor cactus plants. The glochids which give it a polka dot appearance can still stick you.

The bunny ear or angel wing cactus is a popular choice for its cute shape. Peace lily is a low light indoor houseplant that flowers and cleans the air in our home. Each stem can reach up to three feet long and is packed with gray green leaves about the size and shape of a plump grain of rice.

Euphorbia trigona is one of those easy cactus specimens that make every grower feel like an expert. The arching leaves make these plants great for pedestals or hanging baskets. By using google data the team at flower card analysed the.

Native to kenya it can be an excellent house cactus with its impressive height. Also known as the cathedral plant this cactus can grow more than eight feet tall but it is a slow grower and is unlikely to grow much past four feet indoors. Burro s tail or donkey s tail sedum morganianum is a trailing succulent that looks best in a hanging basket or container sitting on a ledge or shelf so it can drape over.

There are many opuntia species you can try all are easy to grow. Shop bunny ear cactus. This plant does not have spines like a traditional cactus but that doesn t mean it s cuddly.

Chlorophytum comosum has been a popular houseplant for decades but this throwback plant is still relevant in any setting where you desire a low maintenance specimen that also purifies the air. Hailing from mexico it displays two pads that look like bunny s ear. With so many benefits no wonder they re popular.

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